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Option for Life

Sr. Daphne Sequeira reflects: Jack-fruits in summer means abundance of Life!

The morning Newspapers and the TVs carry a lot of news and stories that are very negative. While the stories are important, the negativity need not be. Depressing stories take away our enthusiasm to live and flourish. In fact there is a need to affirm more life and living. The zest to live and the love to life make us realistic.

I say this because of the flow of history has been always positive.  For example, the erupting volcanoes of the young earth eventually gave birth to life and subsequently human beings.

The God of life is a living God who walks with us, sometimes carrying a cross or helping us to carry the cross. He is also a laughing dancing  twirling chuckling God: God of Life!  We are trying to live this spirit of God in Torpa through the stories of our women and men.



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